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Pikmin 2

Have Fun with the Title Screen

If you press Y, then a little green beetle thing will appear and scatter the Pikmin. You can control it by moving the C-Stick. Move it forward to go the direction it's pointed, and move it sideways to change direction. If you press X, then a bit Bulborb will appear. You can control it the same way as with the beetle, it just moves slower and if you press Z, it eats the pikmin. If you press R, the title will change from "Pikmin 2" to "Nintendo" and if you press L, it will go back to Pikmin 2.

Pikmin Powers

Red Pikmin: Can go into fire without dieing.
Blue Pikmin: Can go into water without dieing.
Yellow Pikmin: Can be electrocuted and not die.
White Pikmin: Can poison enemies if eaten, and can go through poison without dieing.
Purple Pikmin: They are the strongest, and have the strength of 10 Pikmin in means of power and carrying treasures.
Bulbmin: Are immune to all the elements.

Pikmin Spottings

Red Pikmin: Valley of Repose.
Blue Pikmin: Awakening Wood.
Yellow Pikmin: Perplexing Pool.
White Pikmin: Awakening Wood, White Flower Garden.
Purple Pikmin: Valley of Repose, Emergence Cave.
Bulbmin: Valley of Repose, Frontier Cavern.


Valley of Repose: You have it when you start the game.
Awakening Wood: Collect the Spherical Atlas in Emergence cave.
Perplexing Pool: Collect the Geographic Projection in Awakening Wood after you have the White Pikmin.
Wistful Wood: After you collect 10,000 in Pokos.

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