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Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer


Select Cheats from the Extras screen and enter the following cell phone numbers. Turn them on and off by selecting Toggle Cheat.

Max Stats

Enter 2125551776.

High Jump

Enter 2175550217.

Perfect Balance

Enter 2135555721.

First-Person View

Enter 8775553825. Select Camera Settings from the Options screen.


Enter 8185551447.

Mega Cheat

Enter 7145558092.

All Levels

Enter 3285554497.

All Suits

Enter 7025552918.

All Surfers

Enter 9495556799.

All Tricks

Enter 6265556043.


Enter the following to unlock additional surfers.

Surfer: Cell Number
Freak: 3105556217
Tiki God: 8885554506
Tony Hawk: 3235559787
Travis Pastrana: 8005556292

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