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This site has (or eventually will have) cheats for every Nintendo system ever made. I, and any that may help me in the future, will update as much as we can, and hopefully we won't go too many days without one. (Please, use the contact form to bug us if we do!) Remember, it's okay to cheat. Enjoy the site!
Note that important events such as site hibernation, or a large spew of updates will normally be put on the main page.


Kevin: Creator, Updater, File Manager, Coder.

My Team

Kevin's all-important web-designing team.

Recommended programs and other bits of information

Mozilla Firefox web browser will automatically block most pop-ups and most viruses and spyware. It also has a slew of fantastic extensions to make your browsing experience that much better. You can download it here: Firefox Download

If you are interested in creating your own website, or want an all-purpose ASCII editor, download EditPad Lite.
EditPad >>> NotePad. You can get it here. You can read more about it there.

For all your file-compression needs, stop using WinZIP. Download WinRAR! It can do .zip or .rar extensions, and it has better compression. Some describe it as "WinZIP on steroids." Download it here. (Oh, if it ever says you need to register and a window comes up preventing you from doing anything, close the second window.)

If you're more elite (and/or a Linux user), start using vim! If you want my .vimrc file, feel free to contact me asking for it. (It's my text-editor of choice.)

It is my opinion that the best archive format is .tar.gz (or perhaps bz2). Linux archive managers should be able to automatically see this type, among many others, but Windows users might have to install something else. If you don't like WinRAR, you can try 7-Zip, which I hear is good.


There are a small number of things on this site that I had aid on, therefore I will mention them, and have copyrights given to their workings. All else not listed here is either © to me, or some other staff.

All games (unless stated otherwise) are © to Nintendo and their affiliates. We did not make the games, we're just reporting their cheats.

All cheats were put down by the Staff, unless stated otherwise, in which case a name will be put under the cheat in question.

All coding was done by the Staff. If any designing resembles another web page, it is pure coincidence.

The banner was done by one Taylor, though I own the copyrights.

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