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Tips Regarding Obeying Commands

The single most important thing to remember is to speak clearly to your puppies. If you mumble or stutter into the microphone, or say things in different tones all the time, then your puppy won't understand you. Also, beware the commands 'sit', 'shake', 'spin', and 'speak'. Similar sounding words are especially confusing to the puppies.
What I used in substitution for some commands were the following: Zit, wave, spin, and bark. The commands each have seperate sounds, thus are easier for comprehension. One could also substitute 'tail' for 'spin', for more diversity. Just remember which substitutions are for what!
One last note: Train with your puppy. Reherse the commands over and over again, and rub the puppy until the love-stars appear if it performs the correct action. If you don't, then the puppy will easily misunderstand a command.

Tips on Winning Contests

Disc Competition: Train at the park. After throwing the frisbee and the dog has it in its mouth, tap the screen to call it back. Each time it returns, rub its head until the love-stars appear. Then grab the frisbee and repeat. If the dog gets tired of the game, then it is time to leave the park. If the dog begins to return the frisbee on its own, then you are ready to compete in the upper classes.
Agility Competition: Train at the gym. Read the instruction booklet on methods, and follow them. When your puppy can go through several obstacles by itself, with no aid from you, then it is ready to compete seriously.
Obedience Competition: Follow the short guide above, and you should do fine. Again, train often, and remember which substitutions if any you used.


When a dog does its business, simply tap the excrement to put it in the sack. It's just goodnatured.
When you force your dog to run, watch the bottom screen carefully. Occassionally, a present will appear in the street. If you're running and pass right by it, too bad for you.
Don't let your dog eat food off the street. Duh.
Dogs learn to like each other by smelling. When your dog rears up and starts hopping, move the leash toward the other dog. When your dog comes down, the two should start sniffing. Chances are they will like each other, and your dog will be happy.

Unlocking Extra Breeds

When you earn more and more trainer points, you unlock new things. Sometimes it's even a new dog breed! As for what breed, it depends upon the game. Is this dog any better than the others? Not necessarily, it's all opinion.

Delete All Data

Press L R X Y B at the same time.

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