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Mario Superstar Baseball

Play as Baby Mario

Successfully complete challenge mode with Yoshi.

Play as Dixie Kong

Complete challenge mode as Donkey Kong.

Play as Monty Mole

Complete challenge mode as Mario.

Play as Hammer Bro

Complete challenge mode as Bowser.

Play as Petey Piranha

Complete challenge mode as Wario.

Play as Toadette

Complete challenge mode as Peach.

Play as Bowser

Complete challenge mode under "Special Difficulty" setting.

Play as Toad

In Challenge Mode, go to Wario Stadium, then beat all of his missions.

Katroopa/Paratroopa Park

Beat the game with anybody in challenge mode.

Koopa Castle Stadium

Successfully complete challenge mode.

Coin Derby Mini-Game

Successfully complete challenge mode.

Grand Prix Mini-Game

Complete all six mini-games under "Star Difficulty" setting.

Star Dash Mini-Game

Successfully complete all six mini-games on the Star Difficulty setting to unlock the Star Dash mini-game.

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