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1080 Snowboarding

Ice Man

Win race mode under the expert difficulty level and finish better than all the EAD scores on the time attack and trick attack modes. Select Akari Hayami, hold C-Left, and press A at his statistics screen.

Gold Ice Man

Enable the "Transparent character" and complete "Match Race" under the expert difficulty level with that character. Select Kensuke Kimachi, hold C-Up, and press A at his statistics screen.

Panda Man

Finish "Match Race" under the expert difficulty level and finish better than all the EAD scores on the time attack, trick attack and contest modes. Select Rob Haywood, hold C-Right, and press A at his statistics screen. Note: The Panda can perform several unique moves that are listed under the "Trick List" option under training mode.

Turbo Start

Press Up as soon as the number 1 begins to disappear on the Start of Race screen.

Deadly Fall Course

Select "Match Race", and complete all courses under expert mode.

Dragon Cave Course

Select "Match Race", and complete all courses under hard mode.

Penguin Snowboard

Perform every normal trick in training mode. Highlight any of the character's default boards at the snowboard selection screen, then press C-Down, A, A. Note: The penguin board may also be used with the Crystal, Gold, and Panda snowboarders.

Ghost Playback During Demo

Complete any course under time attack mode and save the ghost. Return to the demonstration screen with Kensuke Kimachi. The demonstration will continue after he crosses the finish line with the saved ghost run.

Unlock Tricks Easily

Select the "Training" option from the main menu. Select any rider and board, and choose an easy trick from the list. Launch from the jump or from the side of the half pipe and execute the trick. Then, quickly press Right-C(2) while in mid-air. The trick list should re-appear. Select a trick that has not been unlocked, then resume and land successfully with the easy trick. The more difficult trick should now be unlocked from the list.

Control Camera

Press C-Up at the title screen or during instant replays to adjust the view. Use the Analog-stick or D-pad to move the camera, or press C-Up to return to normal view.

Remixed Replay Music

Press the Analog-stick during a replay to add rap style scratches to the music.

Go Past the Finish Line

Select match race with any character, any board, and any course. Make your way to the finish line, then press Start and go to retire before crossing the line. Your character will be able to continue snowboarding. This looks the best on Deadly Falls because your snowboarder will fall off a cliff!

Panda Man Tricks

Back Flip
Press R + Analog-stick Down when in the air. Panda will perform a back flip in the air that is worth 100 points. This move can also be performed closer to the ground.
Front Flip
Press R + Analog-stick Up when in the air. Panda will perform a back flip in the air that is worth 100 points. This move can also be performed closer to the ground.
One Foot
Hold B and press Analog-stick Down when in the air. Panda will do a one-foot trick in the air, worth 400 points.
Panda Tweak
Hold R and rotate the Analog-stick in a Counter-Clockwise Circle. Then, press R + Left (or Right). This trick is worth 300 points.

Easier Button Combo Moves

On moves that require more than one button combo (540, 900, 720, etc.), release R before performing the next combo.

Deadly Fall: Shortcut

The best line to follow is that of the Panda Man (in match race). However, when you reach the last downhill section, with the huge rocks and the jump, turn left hard to find some powder. Keep left and you will miss the rocks completely and usually pull ahead of your opponent.

Dragon Cove: Extra Points

Select "Trick Attack" and begin game play in Dragon Cove. As you start the plummet downhill, look for pink neon signs. Go off the edge. Then do as many tricks as possible. This can result in over 30,000 points.

Mountain Village: Warp

When you are in the village, you will pass a stop sign. Just before that sign the road goes to the left and uphill. Point your board up that road and keep tapping Analog-stick Up to bounce up the hill. When you get to the top, you will be transported to another location.

No Losses

Simply reset the Nintendo 64 if your snowboarder is not winning towards the end of a match race. Then, just repeat the race until you win.


Crystal Lake
Immediately after the big jump is a house with a ramp beside it directly ahead. Go off the course and hit the ramp, and you will find a shorter route.
Crystal Peak
Immediately after coming out of the tunnel, you will turn right. You will see two different paths. Hit the one to the right. Be sure that after coming out of the tunnel you make the right turn sharply, or you may not be able to turn in time to hit the right path. The right path is much shorter and you will bypass some tough obstacles.
Dragon Cave
If you are a little behind near the end and are willing to take a risk, drive straight through the little shack and ride the thin cable to a small lead. Be careful -- if you land poorly it will most likely cost you the race.
Golden Forest
When you reach the fork with trees and powder in the middle, enter the powder. After a while you will see a large log going in the air. Ride up it to get to a further part of the track.
Mountain Village
The inside of the cave may seem like a maze, but stay to the right side and you will find your way through much easier.

Dancing Ricky Winterborn

In the beginning of Dragon Cave where the orange arches are located, go to the third space between the arches on the left. Jump very high as Ricky Winterborn so that your board is straight up and Ricky's back is facing the ground. While you are high in the air and your board is straight up, do a Shifty. This will make it appear that Ricky is moving his hands up and down while dancing.

First Place Position

On most of the downhill races, if you are farther to the right than the CPU player you will be in first place, even if the CPU is ahead of you.

Air Make: No Points Count

Select any boarder, any board and the Air Make course. Immediately before you get to the edge of the platform, jump and start doing your tricks (which will not count).

Crystal Lake: Graphics

Locate the fence (and air balloon) on Crystal Lake, near the start. Use Panda and the penguin board to jump over that fence. If done correctly, the graphics will glitch. The game will trail colors at the bottom of the screen as your character moves, and will eventually return your character to the course.

Return to Start

This glitch works best with Ricky Winterborn. Go to the Dragon Cove stage. When you reach the two neon signs, jump off. While in the air, do a mute grab and hold it. While you are holding it, move the Analog-stick around in any direction. Your screen should flicker and you will appear back near the beginning.

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