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Super Passwords

Enter TY19U as a password to start on the last level with maximum offense, defense, weapons, energy, and time. Enter TY690 to start the last level will almost full power.

Weapon Power-up

Hold B until a beep is heard. Release B to release a more powerful shot.

Hidden Bonuses

Almost every level has two hidden bonuses. They are invisible and are usually hidden in clouds or above neutral ships. If fired upon, they will spark and stop your bullet. Fire repeatedly to make it appear. The bonuses usually contain extra energy or an aircraft power-up.

Level Passwords

Level    Password
2        73Q17
3        E3QG3
4        L3QG3
5        S3QG3
6        Z3QG3
7        I3QG3
8        P3QG3
9        W3QG3
10       33QG3
11       A3QG3
12       H3QG3
13       U3QG3
14       53QG3
15       K3QG3
16       F3QG3
17       13QG3
18       63QG3
19       83QG3
20       D3QG3
21       M3QG3
22       R3QG3
23       TY2NU

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