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Rocky Rodent

Extra Mode Screen

As Rocky begins running across the title screen when you have pressed start, press Y,A,R,A,B,A. This will allow you to choose how many continues you have, allow you to change the attack and jump controls, and change the sound from mono to stereo. Select the ? mark on continues for infinite.

Hair Styles

Red Spikey hair: Get the can of hairspray and press the attack button to bounce most smaller enemies into the air. You can also catch things with the tip and throw them.
Mowhawk hair: Get the buzzer and press the attack button to throw your hair at enemies. You can also throw it at certain walls and bounce on it.
Green Flower hair: Get the flower pot and press the attack button to make your hair go forward and whip the ground and enemies. You can also use it to swing on hooks.
Egg hair: Get the egg, and after you wear it for awhile Pecky the Bird will hatch. He will help you kill enemies. The nest itself does nothing and Pecky will stay with you until you die.
Spring hair: Get the metal pot thing and press the attack button to spring enemies away. It can also be used to boost your jump if you press the attack button in midair.

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