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Metroid: Fusion


After completing Metroid Prime and connecting the two games, you'll be able to play through the game wearing Samus's Fusion Suit from Metroid Fusion.

Alternate Endings

There are 3 different endings to this this game.
1. The normal ending.
2. At the screen where it tells you "Your Time", if you finish the game in under 5 hours, Samus will take off her helmet.
3. At the screen where it says "Your rate for collecting items", if you collected 100% of items, Samus will take off her entire suit.

Beat All the Bosses

Core-X: Just shoot missiles at it when it's not flashing.
Large Core-X: Shoot a missile at the eye directly, then jump out of the way as it shoots a beam immediately after you hit it.
Arachnoid: Jump and grab one of the ledges when it attacks. Attack the pink side with missiles.
2nd Boss: Just don't let it land on you and when it sort of hovers, aim up and shoot missiles into its eye.
Serris: If you've collected a few Energy tanks by now, this isn't that hard. Hold on to the right hand side of the bar above the tank and shoot missiles at his head when he passes under you. If you see him weaving in and out of the platforms, he will do a backflip that can still hit you, even if you are at the top of the room.
Security Robot(B.O.X.) Round 1: Hang on to the bar above the ground and fire down onto the centre of the robot. When he drops the balls, move to the far left/right of the bar.
Varia Core-X: Use the Charge Beam to destroy the mini-x's and attack the main body with missiles.
6th Boss: This jumping spider has a nasty attack where he picks you up and slams you into the floor. To avoid this, morph into a ball and stay in the corner. Attack with missiles when the red tongue apears. Reapeat until the legs blow off. When this happens, the spider starts using the "Space jump" and dropping bombs. Use L to hit the revealed tongue at an angle.
The Root: The Root itself isn't the problem, the Venus flytraps and the pollen spitting flowers are. Stand on the raised platform and shoot missiles at the Root and morph into a ball to avoid the floating grains of pollen. After a few hits, the flowers die and the Root starts attacking with the mighty Plasma Beam. Jump or duck to avoid it and keep attacking with missiles to claim your prize.
The Nightmare: The Nightmare is probably the hardest boss in the game if you haven't collected enough energy tanks. Start off by leading it to the top of the room by climbing the ladder, then drop off and run underneath it. Shoot a full charged plasma beam at the flashing motor on its belly. Repeat until the room fills up with water.The Nightmare will start using 2 lasers instead of the normal 8-10. Shoot fully charged lasers at the motor by using L.After a few hits, the water will drain away and the Nightmares mask will blow off. There are no tactics for this part and it is also the most difficult. He will constantly hover into you. Attack with the Plasma beam (fully charged or it won't work) at the face. It will go from green to orange to red. Shoot his face at every opportunity.
Security Robot (B.O.X) Round 2: Same tactics count as before. Remember to use a power bomb to reveal the overhead bars. The water will damage Samus if you make her stand in it. B.O.X. shoots missiles instead of firebombs and he also jumps.
Ridley: Attack his main body with missiles, but they don't need to be fully charged. If he grabs Samus, you can still attack him. When he strikes the ground with his tail, run under it while he's pulling it back up. Your trigger finger will be tested to the maximum in this fight. This time round, the leader of the Zebesian space pirates has been infected with X. Defeat him to get the final ability...the powerful Screw Attack.
SA-X: The battle with this SA-X is actually quite easy. Just shoot with the charged Wave-beam and runaway until it's gharged again, then turn and shoot. Ice missiles only freeze the SA-X, and only for a second or two. You don't need to use them, but if your having trouble, maybe you should. The SA-X has the Ice Beam, and it does a LOT of damage, so be careful.
The X's True Form: Simple, just keep attacking with the charged up beam and avoid getting stomped on.
Omega Metroid: Let the Omega Metroid claw you and Samus will recline in the corner. The Omega Metroid will start to advance and Samus only has 1 piece of energy!!! Suddenly the X that escaped earlier reappears and changes back into the SA-X. The SA-X attacks the Omega Metroid with the Ice beam and gets hit, changing back into a blob of X. Absorb the X, and Samus gets the Power suit back, along with the Ice beam. Copy what the SA-X did and beat the Omega Metroid. Congratulations, you've saved the Universe!

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