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Lego Star Wars: The Video Game


To enter the following codes, go to the counter in Dexter's Diner and select the Enter Codes option. Although the extras will become available instantly (pause the game to toggle them on or off), before you can play as unlocked characters, you'll have to purchase them with Lego studs.
Submitted by: Nintendo Power Magazine


Battle Droid(Security): KF999A
Battle Droid: 987UYR
Battle Droid(Commander): EN11K5
Droideka: DH382U
Royal Guard: PP43JX
Padmé: 92UJ7D
Darth Maul: H35TUX
Clone: F8B4L6
Geonosian: 19D7NB
Battle Droid(Geonosis): LK42U6
Super Battle Droid: XZNR21
Jango Fett: PL47NH
Boba Fett: LA811Y
Luminara: A725X4
Ki-Adi-Mundi: DP55MV
Kit Fisto: DP55MV
Shaak Ti: EUW862
Count Dooku: 14PGMN
Grievous' Bodyguard: ZTY392
General Grievous: SF321Y
Clone(Episode III): ER33JN
Clone(Episode III, Pilot): BHU72T
Clone(Episode III, Swamp): N3T6P8
Clone(Episode III, Walker): RS6E25
Mace Windu(Episode III): MS952L
Disguised Clone: VR832U
Darth Sidious: A32CAM
Rebel Trooper: L54YUK
Princess Leia: BEQ82H
Submitted by: Nintendo Power Magazine


Invincibility: 4PR28U
Silhouette Mode: MS999Q
Purple Lightsabres: YD77GC
Moustache Mode: RP924W
Minikit Detector: LD116B
Teacup Weapons: PUCEAT
Brush Weapons: SHRUB1
Big Blasters: IG72X4
Classic Blasters: L449HD
Silly Blasters: NR37W1
Submitted by: Nintendo Power Magazine

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