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Legend Of Zelda, The: Ocarina Of Time

Hint: Skultula Tokens

Go to the tree in the corner next to the hyrule castle before you meet Zelda the first time. Bomb that tree. Go down when you have the boomerang and only then kill the skulltula and throw the boomerang at the token. Before it reaches you jump back into the portal. You will have another token and the skultula will still be there.
Submitted by: LINKMASTER

Extra Bottles

To get extra bottles, you must have a bottle. Then go to a place with fish. Stand in front of a fish and swing your bottle. After you swung your bottle and before you caught the fish, press Start. On the item screen, replace an item you don't want onto the bottle's c space. (So if your bottle was on the C-Down spot you would put the item you don't want on the C-down space, too.) Unpause the game, and you will continue to catch the fish (if done right) and the thing you don't want will become a bottle.
Submitted by: glitchman

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