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Avoid Jaws

When you are fighting Jaws in the water, you can hide on the top of the water where he cannot get you. However if you go just a little lower you can still attack him and he cannot get you.


If you find the submarine, which is usually in a cove on the bottom of the level or in the middle of the level, your speed will increase. If you get hit while in the submarine, you will turn into a person again.

Kill Jaws

Get your power level up to at least 6 and sit in the water until Jaws hits you. Then, shoot him until his life is gone. After you do that, you have to hit him with your boat. To do this, use your stobe when he is on the first line, then when his underside is facing you use your boat to hit him. Note: Press A to use the stobe and B to use your boat.

Power Up

It is recommended that you power-up before finally killing Jaws. To power-up, you use must go from dock to dock and gain power from each visit. Note: You cannot revisit a dock immediately after you just went to it.

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