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Tips for Defeating Sigma

First up is Sigma's dog; he is simple. Make sure you have the yellow or purple charged shot before hand, as it will give you a shot for advantage. Once the dog's life meter is filled, release your shot. It will knock him back down. While he's down, you can either shoot him with normal shots as fast as you can or begin charging up again. Once he is up, watch him closely. He can either run right at you, which would mean you should jump over him and shoot when landed; he can spit out ice, and you should get right next to him and shoot, as the ice goes in an arc and if you are close enough it won't touch you; he can jump at you, in which case you should just stand still when he's at the peak of the jump; lastly, he can shoot fire. It isn't too powerful, so don't worry if you take a hit. Just remember that he shoots it down, and it comes up at a diagonal where you are. Once you have defeated the dog, Sigma appears once again.
After a brief dialogue, Sigma throws off his cape and lights up his awesome Green Lightsaber. Don't you wish you had that? Get hit by it, and marvel at the damage it does. But also be sensible. When the battle first starts, you should be at the left side of the screen. Jump as soon as you can, and jump up the wall. Watch Sigma carefully. He'll bounce off your wall, hit the next wall, bounce of that and come back for you, and again depending how high you go. The key is when he's at the other wall. When he starts coming your way, drop down your wall and face him, while shooting off a shot when lined up. The Shock Gun works the best here, if you can aim well. If you dropped at the right time, he will go right above your head and then head toward the other wall, and come back downward to you. If he's low enough, you can jump up and repeat the process when he hits the opposite wall. Really, you only need one-two jumps up the wall to be effective. When he's dead, you can cheer. The easiest part is over.
Fear when Sigma's head detaches, and flies to the top of the screen to land on a machine. Or not, if you are reading this. Stand directly under the head, but watch the eyes. If they begin to glow, move over to one side a bit, not quite under the spiked hands. He will either shoot out fire or electricity. Hope for fire. If it is fire, you can simply move until you are touching the wall, and make sure the hands don't get you with their shots, and the fire will not reach you. Electricity, however, will be a bit more difficult. You have two choices. Manage to jump up to the top of the room, past the hands, or watch the electricity really close and wait for a gap in the balls. Boost through the gap, and you'll come out safe. If his eyes refuse to flash, then watch the hands. One or the other will come down, and you will have to jump up on top of it to avoid the spikes. When the hand stops, use the Shield to shoot at Sigma's head, since it does the most damage here. Most likely you will only have time for one shot, before the hand you are on decides to fire, shooting electricity up and knocking you off. But if you've got the E-Tanks, and feel lucky, try jumping at the last second and firing. Repeat the process until Sigma is dead. Simple, no? Once the end has come, watch the credits with a warm feeling in your body. You beat Sigma, super Maverick, self-made, and weilder of a cool sword. Wait a bit after the thank you screen, and prepare for a dark message from the dead boss himself.

Get the Fireball Weapon

On the Armored Armadillo stage, complete it as usual. But when you reach the last roller platform, make sure you jump when it's about half-way in the air after the big jump or you won't be able to climb up the wall. When you hit the wall, jump up. You should find a large life capsule at the top. Hop back down and finish the level. Make sure you had full health. After that, do this four more times. On the fifth time total, you should find a Dr. Light capsule at the top. He gives you the Fireball.

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