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Star Fox

Object Test

Use the following buttons to control objects in the game at the "Continue" screen:

Horizontal rotation: Left or Right
Vertical rotation: Up or Down
Stop rotation: X
Zoom in: L
Zoom out: R
Object trails: Hold A and move D-pad
Change objects: Press Start, Select, Y, B, or the D-pad on controller two

Black Hole Warp Zone

In level 1-2 (Asteroid field), you will see three asteroid bars. Each is composed of grey asteroids with one gold one in the middle. Destroy the gold asteroid in each by getting as close as possible to it then blasting it. After destroying all three, an asteroid with a smiley face and red eyes will appear. Shoot it, and it will turn into a black hole that you can enter. There are three exits in a loop within that look like grey supply rings; the first leads to 2-4, the second to level 3-4, and the third to level 1-4.

Secret Area/Boss

In level 3-2 (third path to Venom, Asteroid field), shoot the second giant asteroid on the right side of the screen until it explodes. An egg will come out and hatch into a bird; fly into the claws of the bird. You will be taken Out Of This Dimension where you will have to battle paper airplanes before finally reaching a giant slot machine. Shoot the slot machine arm until you get triple lucky 7's and you will be awarded with the secret ending.

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